Filtered new images of the supposed LG G4

March 11, 2015

According to @OnLeaks the images are press renderings, but they would not be final, so there could still be changes to the final design. The equipment in the images stands out for its curved shape that slightly reminds us of the LG G Flex.

The front and rear views create a rather pronounced curved effect, but the side view reveals the secret. No curved screen, the front is flat, but the back does have a more pronounced convex line.

We also see that the equipment is not exactly thin, at least not if we compare it with some equipment such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6, whose thickness is less than seven millimeters. Along with the image that was leaked yesterday, the alleged measures also arrived.

If the information is correct, the profile of the LG G4 will measure 9.9 millimeters at its thickest, one millimeter more than the two previous models. LG attaches great importance to autonomy, hence they do not worry so much about the thinness to be able to integrate larger batteries that offer a long duration.

See images: Filtered new images of the supposed LG G4 –

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