Fight cancer using our own defenses ...

Fight cancer using our own defenses …

February 4, 2014

Fighting cancer using our own defenses is now possibleAlthough the usual treatments are based on the application of chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the truth is that a new therapy is emerging as an alternative: the one known as immunotherapy, named by the journal Science as the “most important scientific discovery of 2013”.

The use of immunotherapy to stop cancer has actually been known since the 19th century. As explained from the SINC Agency, the American doctor William Coley was the first to understand the importance of our own defenses in the fight against antitumor cells.

And it is that a special type of cell of our immune system, called T lymphocyte, is capable of detecting cancer cells and eliminating them. This strategy would be optimal to be able to fight cancer, since it would be a natural mechanism of protection of our own body against these malignant cells.

via Cancer: immunotherapy would transform treatments for this disease.

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