FIFA to streaming websites: Remove the links ...

FIFA to streaming websites: Remove the links …

June 12, 2014

FIFA to streaming sites: Remove links to World Cup matches or face the consequences

The World Cup in Brazil begins today and FIFA is preparing for an avalanche of illegal streams of the matches that will be played every day. And how will this organism be prepared? Sending communications to the main streaming link websites asking them to be prepared to withdraw those attacks, if they do not want to become criminally and civilly liable for the infractions that, according to FIFA, they are committing.

This email has been sent in recent days to numerous websites, which have until today to comply with FIFA’s requests. Requests among which is the need for the websites to make available to FIFA a tool so that its ‘anti-piracy’ software, NetResult, can eliminate the content that they consider illegal immediately. “If you do not follow our instructions, you will be civilly and criminally responsible,” reads the email.

via FIFA to streaming websites: remove the links or face the consequences.

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