FIFA demands that Twitter withdraw «official avatars of the ...

FIFA demands that Twitter withdraw «official avatars of the …

July 9, 2014

The thing about FIFA and its licenses in this World Cup is unheard of. Not only are they still as closed as ever in terms of the possibility of broadcasting football matches via the internet, unless you are one of the official partners for the matter, but now it is not even possible to use an “official” image of the FIFA, as an avatar in your personal account on the social network Twitter.

If you do so, you are infringing its intellectual property. This is why Twitter has now been under the obligation to automatically and immediately remove any avatar that represents an official image of FIFA and “infringes” its copyright; This includes everything from the logo of the great football event, to the image of the trophy or even the ball.

via FIFA requires Twitter to remove “official avatars of the World Cup.”

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