Fast and Furious 7: Pau's digital resurrection ...

Fast and Furious 7: Pau’s digital resurrection …

April 6, 2015

For the duplication of Paul Walker’s face, a 3D model was generated with even the smallest feature of his face, collecting all the actor’s frames at different angles throughout the saga. Once the 3D face model was created, the visual effects team (VFX) was in charge of texturing the face, providing it with the wrinkles typical of gesturing.

Finally, the animators were in charge of bringing movement to the image. Possibly the most complex part of the entire process, despite having an extensive motion capture library obtained over the years. The collaboration of Paul Walker’s two brothers was vital at this stage. Cody, 25, had a reasonable resemblance in the eyes and Caleb, 36, had a body size and gestures similar to his brother’s.

All the scenes where it was necessary to digitize the face of the actor who recreated Paul Walker required up to seven cameras recording simultaneously at different angles, which made filming quite complicated, which took 4 months to finally complete than originally planned. The result? Honestly, it is appreciated in which scenes Paul Walker works and in which he is recreated digitally, although the number of the latter is quite small.

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