Factory infected Chinese smartphone discovered

Factory infected Chinese smartphone discovered

June 17, 2014

Star N9500 ​​SmartphoneExperts from the German security company G Data have discovered a smartphone with an Android operating system that reaches the end user directly infected, that is, with factory malware. The terminal affected is the model N9500 ​​from the Chinese manufacturer Star, which is sold in Europe at a price ranging between 100 and 165 euros.

The appearance of the device is very similar to that of the models offered by one of the most recognized manufacturers in the market, as indicated by the security company in a statement.

“Neither the manipulated app nor the spyware itself can be removed because they are directly integrated into the terminal’s firmware,” they point out.

What the terminal incorporates is a spy program “disguised” from Google Play that is part of the set of applications installed as standard on the smartphone.

“Spyware works in the background and cannot be detected by device users who, without knowing it, send their personal data to a server located in China that also allows the installation of new malicious applications – indicated from G Data -. This allows the attacker to recover personal data, intercept calls and bank details, read emails and text messages, or remotely control the smartphone’s camera and microphone.

via An infected Android smartphone appears as standard | TICbeat.

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