Facebook's most obnoxious feature will soon disappear

Facebook’s most obnoxious feature will soon disappear

November 20, 2017

The annoying invitations to Facebook games and third-party applications have their days numbered. The company has announced that they will be deactivated for all users in February 2018. Today we can say a huge and resounding: it was about time. One of the most hated features of Facebook, if not the most, is finally going away.

You no longer have to worry about the Candy Crush lives left by your sister-in-law or how hungry the cows on your uncle’s farm go through. It’s over forever, although if you want to deactivate invitations to Facebook games you can do it manually in just a few minutes. In fact most users have already done so.

With the successive remodeling of FB, the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg added social games as a way to achieve traffic and involvement from users, however the invention was distorted and ended up flooding the notification tray of half the world with unbearable spam. .

The chosen date is February 6, 2018 and the change will apply to both the web version of Facebook and its applications for mobile devices, either the standard and full version or the Lite, a reduced variant designed to save resources and Mobile data.

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