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February 3, 2014

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook celebrates, this Tuesday, February 4, ten years and reaches adulthood as an advertising revenue machine, after having survived a catastrophic IPO. The dark side of the phenomenon is that it sees its audience grow old.

But not everything was rosy for the king of social networks. In 2012, Facebook’s high-profile listing on the New York Stock Exchange was a mess full of technical problems and a stock crash that lost half its value in three months.

The group found their way again, and their roles are at record levels. It is “the best growth story in the US internet sector”, estimate analysts at Citi Bank.

Thus, in a few quarters he found a way to publish advertising, from which he makes most of his earnings, like any free service on the internet, on the small screens of smartphones.

via Facebook turns ten years into a money plant and with an older audience – General Information | The Capital of Rosario |.

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