Facebook news presented at the F8 event

March 25, 2015

During the F8 developer conference, Mark Zuckerberg has advanced various novelties that will soon begin to make an appearance in the increasingly complete and complex ecosystem of the social network.

The most significant of the imminent future refers to Phone, the application that in theory complements the very function of your smartphone with which you make and receive phone calls, adding its own layer of information related to your interlocutor. But today there is news.

In the first place, the Facebook Messenger platform is renewed, allowing developers to create new applications that help keep users connected.

In this way, this communication ecosystem is expanded, which would even include its own mini app store, competing decisively with other similar applications such as WhatsApp or Line and we began to understand Facebook’s insistence to tear Messenger from the common trunk by expressing here its intentions to generate a own ecosystem in the style of those that constitute iOS and Android.

A new feature of Facebook Messenger was then announced: order online directly from stores and distributors. In addition, communication can be established directly with the establishments as a chat in which to solve doubts or clarify details of orders and transactions.

via The 7 news that Facebook has presented today at the F8 – The Inquirer ES event.

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