Facebook can listen to your conversations [O.o]

Facebook can listen to your conversations [O.o]

May 23, 2014

Facebook can listen to your conversations - Privacy

Although the original press release said that no data would be stored, a spokesperson for the company MoMo Zhao has clarified afterwards:

“If (when using the service) there is a positive result, the data is saved, but all data is anonymous.”

That is, only the sounds that Facebook, in the style of Shazam, recognized as part of a song or a movie would be stored. But the question centers on the private conversations that could be heard at the same time, since the door is left open for them to be recorded and stored and that they can be sold (or transferred) to third parties.

This last nuance is important. And it is that privacy experts are not only concerned about the fact that these conversations can be used for commercial purposes, but also the access that the NSA could have to them. The powerful US security agency works very closely with Facebook to gather information.

Via Facebook you can listen to your conversations – tuexperto.com.

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