Facebook asks the DEA not to create more fake profiles …

October 20, 2014

A few days ago, one of the “curious” systems that the DEA has used to get caught up with drug traffickers and other criminals related to the world of drugs was discovered. Using the data of a woman who was arrested in 2010 and ended up condemning, leaving her on probation, they later created a fake account with which they approached criminals through the social network.

The fact is that although the arrested woman accepted her guilt and that they used the information on her mobile for future investigations, at no time did she accept that they impersonated her or that they created false profiles using photos of her. Given this, the woman has denounced the DEA and asks for $ 250,000 in compensation, not only for stealing her identity, but for putting her in danger by contacting dangerous criminals.

Faced with the controversy created, Facebook has taken action on the matter and has contacted the DEA, sending a letter to its manager, Michele Leonhart, in which it criticizes these acts and indicates that, like the rest of users , the DEA must follow the same rules as other users and that they are not above anyone else.

via Facebook wants the DEA to stop creating fake profiles.

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