Everything you need to know to avoid harassing your ...

Everything you need to know to avoid harassing your …

March 26, 2014

children internet responsible use

The anonymity that prevails on the internet means that social networks, forums or chats have become one of the greatest dangerous risks for children, since their unsupervised use makes them an ideal breeding ground for all kinds of attacks. This does not mean that these tools are bad. On the contrary, a responsible use of them brings numerous benefits derived from the exchange of ideas with other people. For this reason, the work of parents is to educate their children so that they do not become victims or cyberbullies.

In order to ensure that the little ones interact with technology and the Internet in complete safety, from the blog “Laboratorio Ontinet.com” they offer a series of tips to parents to prevent their children from suffering any type of harassment while surfing the net .

Read the advice in: Everything you need to know to prevent your children from being bullied online – ABC.es.

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