Evernote falls victim to a DDoS attack

Evernote falls victim to a DDoS attack

June 11, 2014

Evernote Partners with 3M Post It NotesIt is not known who it was or why it did it, but Evernote has fallen victim to a denial of service attack DDoS in the last hours.

This has been confirmed by the company itself through its accounts on the social networks Facebook and Twitter, where it has been updating the development of events throughout the past morning.

Although the hours in which this DDoS attack occurred were not the most conducive to annoying Spanish users, it has caused other clients of the popular note-taking application to be unable to connect to update their documents, much less to sync changes between devices.

The latest Evernote communicated about this is that the service is “up and running” again.

via Evernote falls victim to a DDoS attack.

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