ESET celebrates Internet Day with the launch ...

ESET celebrates Internet Day with the launch …

May 16, 2014

ESET Go ExploreESET presents, within the framework of Internet Week. This portal was designed to centralize the best of the web in one place. On this site dedicated to all those who enjoy exploring the online universe, visitors will not only find videos, articles, infographics and other materials of interest, but will also be able to share their favorite sites and notes with the rest of the GoExplore community. net will also offer exclusive interviews with a variety of well-known Internet personalities, how-tos, infographics, videos, and polls.

In its launch week, visitors to the site will have the opportunity to access an interview with Jeff Bezos, the creator of

« brings together the best of the web. We are very happy to be the link with people who feel confident exploring beyond the first search page and want to contribute to the content offered on so that others can also enjoy it, ”said Ignacio Sbampato, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of ESET. “Our mission at ESET is to help people enjoy technology safely, which is why our security software is designed to protect consumers online and allow them to explore the Internet with confidence.”

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