ESET and Facebook join forces to protect u ...

ESET and Facebook join forces to protect u …

December 5, 2014

ESET joins Facebook in an anti-malware initiative and offers ESET Online Scanner for all Facebook users. In this way, in the face of suspicious behavior in the user’s own profile, it will be possible to explore, identify and clean any malware that is on the computer and is generating this activity for free.

“Our goal is to offer users the appropriate technology to improve the experience with our services and protect their devices. ESET Online Scanner for Facebook will dramatically decrease the number of malicious links that are presented to the billions of clicks that are made daily on Facebook, “said Chetan Gowda of Facebook.

ESET Online Scanner for Facebook is designed to detect and clean threats, with a low impact on computer performance. “ESET is happy to offer its services to Facebook users around the world. Our already recognized low resource consumption, together with our detection technology, were included in ESET Online Scanner to guarantee a simple and effective detection, at no cost to the user ”said Ignacio Sbampato, ESET Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.

When a user enters their account, Facebook identifies suspicious behavior such as sending spam messages or infected links. If this type of activity is detected, Facebook displays a message offering the user the possibility of using ESET Online Scanner. The exploration is carried out in another window, without impacting the performance of the computer or interrupting the use of your Facebook profile.

Once the scan is complete, the user can see the kind of infections that their computer has and cleaning them will begin immediately if malware has been discovered.

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