Error code 160-0103 is rendering you unusable ...

Error code 160-0103 is rendering you unusable …

December 2, 2014

Users are having various incidents due to error code 160-0103: from erasing data to making several of their games unplayable. In the worst case, the error 160-1710 occurs, which persists even in the menus of the console, making it a brick.

In the video we can see the first failure, the error code 160-0103. If it happens in your Super Smash Bros, do not try to solve it by deleting the data of the game since several users have seen how their Wii U has died after doing so. At the moment this error seems to occur only with the North American version, but, although it is not intended to be alarmist, I would wait a few hours for an official response.

Update: according to several Reddit users, the error could be from the console itself, being caused by a multitude of titles. The Super Smash Bros, due to its launch a few days ago, is being widely played, so the error of the console and its relationship with the fighting game can be pure statistics.

via Error code 160-0103 is rendering the Wii U unusable.

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