Edward Snowden explains how the password should be ...

Edward Snowden explains how the password should be …

April 10, 2015

Snowden discusses passwords during a humorous interview on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Despite the humor, Snowden’s advice makes perfect sense. The insider explains that any password under 8 characters is easy prey for hackers, and that cracking a password less than that length takes less than a second. Changing letters for similar numbers or adding misspelled words does not help much, because the first thing that the software used by cybercriminals and agencies to crack passwords does is precisely try with permutations of that type.

Software-generated passwords are not highly recommended either, firstly because they are very difficult to memorize, and secondly because any random creation method can end up being emulated. What Snowden recommends are phrases with numbers, that is, very long character strings that only make sense to the user.

via Edward Snowden explains what the perfect password should look like.

Image: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com

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