Ebola outbreak is exploited by cybercriminals ...

Ebola outbreak is exploited by cybercriminals …

August 20, 2014

The World Health Organization has already warned that the Ebola outbreak, which is concentrating in a deadly way in several African countries such as Guinea, Sierra Leone and Libera, “is out of control.” And cybercriminals have found the state of social alarm a good opportunity to cause more confusion – and get away with it.

For this they are using fraudulent e-mails with special eagerness. That is, what in computer jargon is known as “phishing”. And is that instead of containing what they promise at first, the messages arrive loaded with malicious attachments and links that lead to equally malicious pages. The result is either the infection of the device used to check the email or the theft of personal data.

via The Ebola outbreak, taken advantage of by cybercriminals.

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