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eBay closes 2014 with losses and announces layoffs

January 22, 2015

eBay closes 2014 with losses and announces layoffs

This news does not come as a surprise. At the end of the year, there was already talk that the firm would lay off a good part of its workforce. The Wall Street Journal, for example, was one of the media that revealed that there would be about 3,000 employees and that it would mainly affect the workers of the marketplace division, which includes eBay.com and StubHub. Nothing leaked from PayPal or Enterprise.

Recall, eBay confirmed last September that it would part with its PayPal unit later this year. In fact, from the second half of this 2015, PayPal will already operate as an independent company and will be listed on the stock market. Analysts estimate its value at about $ 40 billion.

The truth is that this separation plan contrasts with that of rivals such as Amazon and Apple, which are integrating payment services into their operations. In October, Apple rolled out the Apple Pay service and Amazon is developing a mobile wallet.

via eBay closes 2014 with losses and announces layoffs.

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