Dropbox removes access to shared documents ...

Dropbox removes access to shared documents …

May 6, 2014

dropbox-balloon-leadDropbox just released a security issue that affected shared documents, which would allow unauthorized people to access the file. The error appeared when someone with permissions to view the document clicked on a hyperlink placed within it, a link that would allow the webmaster of the destination website to access the shared file.

How? Easy. If you have ever controlled the visits to a web page, you will know that there is so-called “referred traffic”, that they are nothing more than accesses to your website that come from other pages. If someone clicks on a link on your website included in a shared Dropbox document, the origin of the document should appear in your list of referred traffic, so you would know the path and have access to the Dropbox document without problems (and without permission ).

Luckily, the cloud service has detected and fixed this problem, and all the documents that are shared from now on will not suffer this security error. The old documents however are currently blocked, so you will have to create a new link to be able to share with your acquaintances. If someone tells you that the document you shared a few days ago has stopped working, you will know why.

via Dropbox removes access to shared documents after discovering a security flaw.

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