Dropbox blocked again in China

June 19, 2014

Dropbox blocked again in China

In 2010, the Chinese government decided to block access in the Asian country to the Dropbox cloud storage service, possibly because it was used to share information out of the reach of the authorities, which lasted until February 2014.

The joy of the Chinese users of Dropbox only lasted four months, as Dropbox is once again blocked within China according to users of social networks and the organization that monitors the censorship of information in the Asian giant, GreatFire.org.

GreatFire is constantly checking access to Internet links from within China to identify new blocks, and found that the address dl.dropbox.com, used to download the files in Dropbox, is no longer accessible, as well as the web portal Dropbox.com.

via Dropbox is blocked again in China – FayerWayer.

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