Docking Station for Surface Pro 3: What's missing ...

Docking Station for Surface Pro 3: What’s missing …

August 18, 2014

An accessory allows you to increase the connectivity and productivity of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet in a way that is as comfortable and simple as docking stations, docking stations to which the device is attached and once temporarily deprived of its status as a portable device. allows access to a user experience closer to what a personal computer offers us in desktop format.

It is not just that Surface Pro 3 Docking Station adds a support on which to place the tablet as a lectern on which to comfortably fix what will now be the “screen” of our “computer”, but an interesting set will be added of connections to our device that multiply its possibilities of use.

via Docking Station for Microsoft Surface: what this tablet lacks to be a complete computer – The Inquirer ES.

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