Discover the most dangerous scams on WhatsApp

Discover the most dangerous scams on WhatsApp

May 21, 2014

WhatsApp security

The presence of smartphones in our life is increasing. Almost everyone spends the day glued to their mobile phone and, surely, this device knows more about our own life, tastes and customs than our best friends. This is inevitably taken advantage of by cybercriminals who have found in them the new target of their actions.

For this reason, security problems, scams and attacks through mobile applications are, more and more, the order of the day. Without a doubt, the one that generates the most problems is one of the most popular: WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application, is the main target of criminals.

Here is a small summary of the latest news about attacks received by this platform so that you are as alert as possible: Discover the most dangerous scams on WhatsApp.

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