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April 13, 2015

DIRECTV CBC Solar Groundbreaking Event With Solar CityDIRECTV and SolarCity join forces to announce a unique initiative of its kind, promoted by DIRECTV United States together with DIRECTV Latin America. It involves the installation of a modern solar panel system, created by SolarCity, at DIRECTV’s California Broadcast Center (CBC) located specifically in Long Beach.

DIRECTV CBC Solar Groundbreaking Event With Solar City

This new photovoltaic system will feed a percentage of energy from the CBC, which serves 60% of the clients in Latin America *. Additionally, these land-based solar panels are projected to generate enough renewable electricity over the course of their useful life to power more than 1,400 average homes per year, offering significant environmental benefits to the Long Beach region and county residents. of the Angels. During its useful life, it should prevent the emission of more than 15.7 million pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the equivalent of taking more than 1,350 cars off the road or planting more than 678,000 thousand trees. In addition, it is estimated that it will save almost 73 million gallons of water that would otherwise have to be consumed to produce electricity from fossil fuel or nuclear sources.

DIRECTV CBC Solar Groundbreaking Event With Solar City

“At DIRECTV, one of our commitments is to develop initiatives that go hand in hand with sustainability. The California Transmission Center is one of DIRECTV’s first buildings, so the impact of installing this solar energy system will be greater, since its consumption will be considerably reduced. It is precisely there where our effort to create a better place to live will be reflected, in all possible aspects ”, assured Sandro Mesquita, Director of DIRECTV Latin America Generation.

With more than 39 million customers in the United States and Latin America, DIRECTV is at the forefront of its industry in terms of sustainability. Its ambitious goals in this area include reducing the company’s and its customers’ carbon emissions by 40% at a rate of 1 million cubic tons per year by 2020 in the United States.

* Specifically to DIRECTV PanAmericana customers.

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