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September 26, 2014

James Covey, director of the FBI, has not liked the various measures with which Apple and Android are proceeding to strengthen the security of their operating systems for mobile devices in order to prevent unauthorized intrusion into the privacy of data from its users.

Covey’s demonstrations come shortly after Apple has confirmed that devices running under the iOS operating system will no longer technically allow access to those who do not have the user password, a measure that arises in response to the leaks produced on last year and that they revealed that the NSA, the National Security Agency, maintained a complex system of espionage through the Internet.

The director of the FBI has expressed his understanding with the concerns of users who wish to maintain the privacy of their communications but at the same time defends the need to access mobile devices by the authorities in extreme and exceptional circumstances such as in the event of an attack. terrorist.

via FBI director concerned about new Apple and Google security measures – The Inquirer ES.

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