Digitel positioned itself as the second partner investor ...

Digitel positioned itself as the second partner investor …

March 23, 2015

The study was carried out by Venamcham, obtaining this position thanks to the investment made by the Corporation in its social programs, as well as the correct management of its obligations, among other actions.

According to a study carried out by the Venezuelan American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Venamcham), Digitel was ranked as the second largest social investor in 2014 in the country, demonstrating once again the commitment it maintains in terms of social responsibility with institutions that they work to improve the quality of life in society.

This organization based its classification on a sectoral performance study of the activities that companies carry out annually. For these studies, the participating companies provide Venamcham with financial data through a survey, in order to collect information and thus produce results that generate credibility in the national economy. Once these data are obtained, research experts analyze them to verify their veracity.

Digitel is the most innovative company in the telecommunications market in Venezuela, a pioneer in advanced communication solutions that offers mobile, landline and high-speed Internet services with national coverage, 100% Venezuelan talent and social commitment.

Digitel is positioned as one of the leaders in this area by fully complying with its obligations in tax matters, by making the corresponding contributions to the Social Responsibility Commitment established in the Public Procurement Law, by offering greater benefits for its employees and by developing programs focused on Health, Education and Environment matters that are managed by Digitel Social Connection and that promote Connectivity with Social Impact, in order to reduce the technological gap and raise the quality of life of citizens.

Regarding Education, the alliance with Fe y Alegría was consolidated, through the United All in One Heart Program, where 83 centers have been provided for a total of 31,000 benefited students, thanks to the “Connectivity in the Classroom” project. In the health area, the operator carries out various programs, including Digisalud, which allows the automation of medical records and appointments, with more than 300,000 medical records online; and the Telemedicine program, which connects remote areas to attend to cases that merit a specialized and timely diagnosis.

Similarly, Digitel carries out activities to help preserve and maintain the environment, developing a system for the recovery of raw materials and disposal of electronic waste, consolidated through its internal transport network and warehouse, lifting more than 500 tons of waste. electronic All these projects closely involve Digitel staff through Volunteering 412.

Alberto Sosa, Executive President of Digitel, highlighted the importance for the corporation of this achievement in social matters: “We are very proud to have achieved this position as social investors. The company is faithfully committed to the well-being of the country and focuses its corporate values ​​and processes to contribute to raising the quality of life of its employees, its customers and those who need it most. We develop alliances with various institutions that need our support to achieve the stated objectives ”.

In Venezuela, social responsibility is an aspect that is gaining strength within organizations every day. As a result, 73.33% of the companies that participated in the study stated that they made investments in projects that help contribute to society.

During 2015 Digitel will continue to strengthen its social actions to continue favoring its users, its human capital and those who need support, offering through telecommunications more advantages in favor of a better country.

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