Digitel invests more than 13 million bolivars in ...

Digitel invests more than 13 million bolivars in …

May 5, 2014

Photo delivery of resources to Fe y Alegría Apr 14The operator, within the framework of its alliance with this important institution and hand in hand with Venezuela without Limits, delivered resources to Fe y Alegría amounting to more than 13 million Bolívares, distributed between the contribution of Digitel and its clients; in addition to providing connectivity through dedicated links, WiFi and 4G LTE coverage for the benefit of students and teachers in 7 schools nationwide

Digitel is a company committed to the communities and to the development of education in Venezuela. For this reason, and hand in hand with Venezuela without Limits, the operator provided resources to Fe y Alegría for the optimization of the technological infrastructure of the network of centers of this important educational institution. This alliance that is now reaching its third anniversary has been strengthened and has evolved into a macro project that seeks to improve the pedagogical and teaching processes of this prestigious institution, which, thanks to the support and commitment of the operator, currently has more than 25 thousand children and young people benefited and with the endowment of more than 800 technological equipment.

This year Digitel and its clients, in a sample of client-company-community co-responsibility, managed to raise more than 13 million bolivars for this project, of which more than 6.5 million were contributed by users through the collection campaign with cards. prepaid United all in one heart, and Digitel exceeded the contribution figure, which translates into greater benefits for the institution and its students.

The contribution of the users was delivered in full to Fe y Alegría, while the contribution of Digitel is being invested in the Connectivity model in the Classroom, a product of the evolution of the connectivity model which contemplates the approach of teachers to the tools technologies and expanding the scope of connectivity with the use of state-of-the-art technology.

At this stage of the project, 7 schools nationwide are operating as Pilot Centers for the implementation of this connectivity model in the classroom. In the Greater Caracas Region there are the Juan Pablo Bonet schools in Los Chorros and Enrique de Ossó in Artigas; in the Central Plains Region the Eliodoro Betancourt school; in the Central Region the Oscar Fernando Benedetti school; in the Central West Region the Nuestra Señora De Coromoto school and in the West Region the schools Hna. Elba Estrada Foster and Juan XXIII.

This project has four main components:

1.- Equipment and technological infrastructure:

  • Provision of connectivity through Dedicated Links (E1)
  • Connectivity within the 4G LTE footprint
  • Navigation platform via WiFi for the Primary area of ​​each school
  • Expansion of the telematic rooms model (computer rooms) to a classroom connectivity model (primary teachers with laptops, videobeam and sound systems to work in each Primary classroom)
  • Provision of electronic whiteboard kits for each center

2.- Training of the teaching resource

Digitel supports Fe y Alegría with training for the use and appropriation of these technological tools that are introduced in class, so that they become resources for daily use for teaching. A program has been developed with Fe y Alegría that includes training for: pedagogical intentionality of the use of resources (laptops, presentations with the videobeam, use of the electronic board, etc.), use of social networks for educational purposes, navigation on the Internet, and reflection on the skills necessary for the 21st century and the challenges of education incorporating technology.

3.- Facilitation of pedagogical content

Digitel proposes the approach to teachers with pedagogical content through the Guao Project, which provides them with online content so that they can bring to classes the best that can be achieved on the Internet both to teach learning and to evaluate content.

4.- Monitoring and evaluation

Hand in hand with Volunteering 412, at the end of the school year a survey will be carried out with teachers to learn about the use of technological resources and have inputs that continue to guide the training program.

Ms. Mireya Blavia de Cisneros, President of Venezuela without Limits and Digitel’s advisor on Social Responsibility, highlighted the importance of partnerships for the success of this initiative: “This project has a comprehensive vision, with attention to the student population not only in technological endowment, but based on basic health conditions. We have made alliances with the Fundación Proyecto Maniapure and with the Proyecto Lumen to do in the centers identified within the program: screening for anemia, visual and auditory health, covering diagnosis and care, and considering the training of teachers to make them capable of making a diagnosis and early detection. We consider with this formula to exclude exogenous variables that may be detrimental to the school performance of Fe y Alegría students ”.

“At this stage Digitel is carrying out both the implementation of technology and tools such as laptop video beam and electronic whiteboards, as well as health in these 7 pilot schools, benefiting about 2,500 children and 1,200 teachers. Today we are in Juan Pablo Bonet, one of the schools in Caracas that also serves a population with hearing disabilities. We are providing a comprehensive service that we seek to extend to more and more schools, ”said Blavia de Cisneros.

“We also want to remain as facilitators of pedagogical content and promote in Fe y Alegría a virtual community of developers of pedagogical content, and that the connectivity provided by Digitel makes it easier for them to share content and successful experiences of school projects incorporating technology, to replicate it in all the centers of the Fe y Alegría network of schools. For this, we are also adding the support of journalists specialized in the area of ​​technology and telecommunications to enhance the learning of teachers in technology matters, ”said Ms. Mireya Blavia de Cisneros.

The operator renews its commitment to education through the Alliance with Fe y Alegría, adding technology to education. With this important project, Digitel, thanks to the contribution of its users, continues to develop initiatives that provide young people with opportunities and skills that contribute to the improvement of their quality of life, through the use of its latest generation technology, positioning itself as a company with meaning. social and committed to the education of future generations.

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