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September 5, 2014


With the recovery of raw materials and disposal of electronic waste

The operator includes the management of electronic waste as one of the programs in terms of social responsibility carried out by the company to promote actions in favor of the protection of the environment and for environmental education

Digitel is the most innovative company in the telecommunications market in Venezuela, a pioneer in advanced communication solutions that offers mobile, landline and high-speed Internet services, the first to deploy a 4G LTE network with national coverage, 100% Venezuelan talent and social commitment.

Through Social Connection, the area in charge of executing the operator’s socially responsible programs, it assumes this commitment and focuses its efforts on supporting initiatives in matters of health, education and the environment.

In this sense, aware of its responsibility, it seeks to support social projects where Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are implemented that contribute to the preservation of the planet, this is how it has developed alliances for the efficient and responsible management of technological waste.

One of the most important projects that Conexion Social has carried out since 2013 in environmental matters is the recycling and management of hazardous waste, which has developed a system for the recovery of raw materials and disposal of electronic waste. These actions are carried out in alliance with the company KB de Venezuela, in conjunction with the operator’s Internal Transportation and Warehouse network; achieving to date the recycling of more than 300 tons of electronic waste.

All electronic equipment, once its useful life is over, can become electronic waste (cell phones, laptops, batteries, radios, antennas, fluorescent bulbs, among others), and its components make them highly harmful to the environment.

Electronic waste constitutes 2% of the total waste produced in the country, however, this type of waste generates 90% of the total impact on the environment. If its components suffer inadequate storage conditions or if they are thrown into the environment, profound damage to the environmental system and living beings is generated.

For every ton of electronic waste that Digitel recycles, it saves: water and electricity, more than 2500 Kg of raw materials, one ton less of garbage in the landfill; reducing 90% of the environmental pollution caused by household waste.

The management of electronic waste is one of the projects that the operator manages for the improvement of the environment, as well as other initiatives such as the activation of ecological days with Volunteering 412 to provide environmental education and recycling, paper containers for recycling in offices, containers of batteries in Attention Centers, financing of social projects supporting organizations dedicated to the environment, digital billing, among others.

With these initiatives Digitel promotes environmental management, demonstrating its commitment to its users and to the communities.

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