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July 17, 2014

photo 1The Venezuelan operator Digitel continues to develop its 4G LTE network with an investment that has exceeded 800 million dollars.

Digitel is the most innovative company in the telecommunications market in Venezuela, a pioneer in advanced communication solutions that offers mobile, landline and high-speed Internet services, the first to deploy a 4G LTE network with national coverage, 100% Venezuelan talent and social commitment.

Oswaldo Cisneros

Oswaldo Cisneros

The operator continues the deployment of its 4G LTE network that it launched at the end of 2013. The project in its first phase included the installation of more than 200 stations. Today the project includes more than 900 coverage stations that already provide this service offer to 108 towns and cities in 21 states of the country.

This effort has demanded an investment of more than 300 million dollars in this second stage, in addition to the 500 million with which the project started when it was launched in September 2013. Said investment in technological infrastructure is accompanied by a fully transmission network. modernized, which operates in the IP protocol with more than 1,500 migrated access radios and a fiber optic network that exceeds 3,000 KM deployed in much of the national territory and that plans to reach 4 thousand KM by the end of the year, all this to to form a network strengthened in both 3G and 4G LTE.

Likewise, the operator has made great efforts to guarantee coverage in both 2G, 3G and 4G LTE in the most important populated centers of the country, currently having 50% of coverage sites with the three technologies to provide the user with a communication experience only.

The average consumption of Digitel user data in both prepaid and postpaid is around 1.7 GB, in line with the global consumption standard. LTE technology today has more than 80 thousand clients and the projection is to continue growing as the offer of mobile devices increases.

Hear more details of the characteristics of Digitel’s network with the interview with Marlyn Muniz, Central Network Manager of the Venezuelan operator:

In this sense, last week the operator launched the Nokia Lumia 625 device on the market by Microsoft Mobile. A device that operates under Digitel’s 4G LTE network, high performance and affordable price that reaches the market to meet the growing demand.

The operator plans to continue nurturing the market with equipment of this technology. In this sense, Luis Bernardo Pérez, Advisor to the Presidency of the operator, highlighted: «We are very pleased to make new announcements about our 4G LTE network. Among them, we want to announce that we will soon be testing voice over LTE, a project that will completely change the data service offer in the country, making us the fourth operator in the world to offer it. This technology, better known as VoLTE, is about high definition HD voice that will allow offering innovative services such as high quality videoconferences and calls with attributes such as clarity, simultaneity and the ability to speak while browsing ”.

“To continue innovating, we are confident that we will be able to meet the demand for devices running on our next-generation network very soon. We are committed to innovation and that is why we want to continue investing and supplying the market so that more and more users live the experience of browsing in 4G LTE ”, commented the Advisor to the Presidency.

«We estimate to continue growing in this market and we project ourselves as the leading data operator in the country. Our service offering is comprehensive and is aimed not only at meeting the growing demand for data from our users but also at social work. We are proud to say that we are implementing this technology in 7 pilot schools in Fe y Alegría with the firm intention of improving the quality of life of our young people “, concluded Pérez.

The operator continues its commitment to its users, providing a quality service and developing initiatives that improve the quality of life of its customers and communities.

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