Digital natives don't watch TV

Digital natives don’t watch TV

April 18, 2015

Generations born since the eighties, we no longer sit and watch television. Although it continues to innovate vigorously with the apparatus itself for various uses, it is the traditional television consumption itself that seems to have its days numbered.

The main reason that this progressive abandonment is happening and that we no longer congregate, like our parents and grandparents, in front of the television is that new technologies not only allow us to consume audiovisual a la carte, but also stop the times that one want that consumption and combine it with any other activity that we can do online. That is, now we see the movies, series and any other type of audiovisual content that we want, at the time of the day that pleases us and, in addition, we can stop the viewing and check if we have received any email, browse for a while and even comment In social networks what we are Online audiovisual consumption on demand is moving us away from watching television. And since our brains are moldable and we are getting used to these dynamics, our ability to concentrate is diminishing. But that is another story.

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