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January 9, 2014

Beacon_Top-lowLenovo announced at CES 2014 a portfolio of home devices that enables users to connect, enjoy and interact with media and content. The portfolio includes the Beacon personal cloud storage device, the desktop computer Lenovo N308 with Android, Lenovo Horizon 2 Table PC and the Lenovo A740 All-in-one PC.

Lenovo’s first personal cloud storage device, Beacon, enables users to easily store and share multimedia data via their PC or mobile device1 either from home or remotely. By using the downloadable Android app created by Beacon, users can even turn their smartphones1 into a remote control for their personal cloud storage device. As Lenovo’s first Android desktop, the AIO N308 offers access to a wide variety of applications on its 19.5 ″ multitouch display. The Mesa Horizon 2 PC builds on Lenovo’s leadership in multimode computing, with a radically slimmer and more portable design. Finally, the Lenovo A740, the thinnest 27 ″ AIO3, is a versatile and stylish home PC.

Beacon makes your personal resources available to you at all times

Ideal for families or those who want to access their library of content while on the go, the personal cloud storage device allows users to store and play anywhere using their smartphone, PC, tablet or a TV1. It’s easier to use than NAS-style devices and allows you to upload files, either wirelessly or via a built-in USB connection, with the push of a button. Users can seamlessly access files from home or away, and secure access rights from Beacon make it a great device to share with multiple users.

Beacon makes it easy to capture and retrieve personal media memories. With the camera’s auto-upload feature, amateur photographers can automatically upload photos from their smartphone camera via WiFi or 3G4 to store a Beacon copy. By using Lenovo’s custom application, users can give their Smartphone the use of a remote control to play the multimedia information stored in the Beacon on an HDMI connected TV.

Beacon offers a customized solution vs. cloud storage services “on the air”. The files reside within the Beacon and the device remains fixed in its physical location in the house. It offers a huge storage capacity, which can be easily expanded up to 6TB, and with no monthly fees for data storage. Transferring files out to your own mobile device is smooth. Beacon works with a dual core Intel® Atom® processor and can transfer files over 3G4, WiFi and Ethernet. The device is available in black or white.

Android goes to the big screen

Lenovo N308Lenovo N308 it is Lenovo’s first home computer with Android. It is an affordable AIO desktop model for multimedia experts who love applications, entertainment and surfing the web. It is an ideal companion to enjoy media and access applications as part of the family of Android device users, including tablets and smartphones. Available in black or white, this 19.5 ″ 1600X900 touchscreen desktop provides users with everything they need to enjoy their favorite content. Running the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the N308 comes with an NVIDIA Tegra® quad core processor, up to 500GB of hard drive storage, a 720p webcam, and WiFi. You can easily move this 1.3-mm thick AIO1 around your home or office like a giant tablet with a full keyboard and mouse. It also comes with a battery life of up to three hours and the option to add another battery. Additionally, users can adjust the N308’s stand to lie flat for a better angle for touchscreen navigation, or even gaming.

Horizon 2 re-sale the PC Mesa format

Lenovo is reinventing the Mesa PC format with the Horizon 2 27 ″ dramatically thinner and lighter. This slim format is the thickness of a deck of cards, just 19.5mm, and takes weight off your shoulders, making it easier to transport around the house. The Horizon 2 also offers improved performance with smart features, such as NFC (Near Field Communications), which interact with other user devices to create a truly unique content sharing experience.

For example, users can now access media from their PC or smartphone with their home network directly on the Horizon 2 screen when it is lying down in Table Mode, with the Aura interface enabled. They can use either the new Horizon mobile app to shake their Android mobile devices, allowing content to “fall” onto the Horizon 2 screen. They can also prop the mobile device on the screen, indicating to the Aura dial It opens around it and “pulls” the content to put it on the Horizon 2 screen. In addition, users can edit photos and share them directly from Aura on Facebook.

New motion control functions allow you to easily navigate photos, presentations, e-book pages, and music tracks. Also, using Horizon 2’s new face tracking feature, users can upload photos from their camera or smartphone and the Aura interface will attempt to recognize faces in photos. Horizon 2 also comes with thousands of new multi-user and multi-touch entertainment options including Ubisoft’s Chubby Kings, a fun 4-player family game; Halli Galli from Omnivision, a popular entertainment; and Crayola’s Songbook from Legacy Games, an interactive music experience for children that allows them to draw, and various educational apps such as Scholastic’s I Spy.

Horizon 2 continues the interpersonal approach of the Mesa PC to facilitate collaborative computing, in both table and lectern modes. It features a 10-finger touchscreen with Windows 8.1, large traditional or hybrid storage, up to 4th generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor, and Dolby Home Theater v4. They can also use it lying down in table mode to enjoy joint computing and play for up to four people. With nearly four hours5 of battery backup and the optional table accessory, it can be easily transported from room to room.

Lenovo A740 AIO, versatile and contemporary

With a screen just 4mm thick, the new Lenovo A740 earns the title of slimmest AIO in its 27-inch category3. Its modern design offers users a premium All in one experience. The computer features a one-piece aluminum form factor, a glossy display, and the latest performance technologies. Images on the A740’s optional WQHD 2560X1440 display are sharp and allow a wide 178 ° viewing angle. Powered for entertainment and media with Nvidia GeForce® graphics, JBL® speakers and Dolby ™ Home Theater ™, users can interact directly with their content on the 10-finger touchscreen with Windows 8.1, and even use its built-in motion control and voice. The A740 can also be folded 90 ° and the touch screen can be used more easily. Highly equipped, the AIO also comes with up to 1TB of hard drive storage, NFC (near field communications), fast-action WiFi ac, Bluetooth, support for HDMI input, and optional TV tuner.

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