Despite his popularity on social media, the Pope ...

Despite his popularity on social media, the Pope …

February 28, 2014

papa-francesco-1-620x480The study, conducted by the company 3rdPlace for the Catholic network, indicates that the Pope leads Google searches with 1,737,300 records, surpassing all world leaders.

Among other data, the document establishes that in his first year of presence on the Internet, Pope Francis was the international leader with the most mentions on the internet, 49 million, 73% generated on Twitter and only 15% by news portals and the media.

Only the musical group One Direction (78 million) and the singer Justin Bieber (53 million) surpass him in the ranking of the most mentioned personalities in the network. The Twitter account @Pontifex in Spanish gathers more than 4.5 million followers in just 13 months.

via MWC 2014: Pope Francis, 12 million followers on Twitter | Technology | THE COUNTRY.

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