Dell sells its consulting division to Japanese NTT ...

Dell sells its consulting division to Japanese NTT …

March 28, 2016

The measure will allow the American manufacturer to cut part of its 43,000 million dollars of debt acquired to finance the acquisition of EMC. Along with the loans, debts and investment packages, Dell seeks as a source of financing for the purchase of EMC the sale of several of its assets. The latter would be its IT consulting division, founded in 1988 by Ross Perot under the name Perot Systems, and bought by Dell in 2009 for $ 3.9 billion.

Dell’s consultancy is one of the main US for hospitals and government agencies, so with the purchase of it by NTT Data for 3.5 billion dollars, the Japanese company is able to fully enter the US market, which consolidates its position in the sector, where it is already one of the main companies.

In addition to the sale of its consultancy, Dell would also be considering the sale of Quest Software and SonicWall, the sale operation being able to reach about 4,000 million dollars, money that certainly does not hurt Dell to alleviate the pressure of the purchase from EMC.

Source: Dell sells its consulting division to NTT Data Corp for 3.5 billion dollars –

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