Data consumption soars with the World Cup ...

Data consumption soars with the World Cup …

June 19, 2014

world_4gThe 2014 World Cup in Brazil can be seen by any means. And to analyze traffic behavior, Akamai, an internet infrastructure company, has measured the amount of data that has been consumed during the different World Cup matches. Akamai is the backend company for many content companies to make the experience seamless and seamless.

As the data passes through its servers, Akamai has compiled the necessary information to show how consumption has been during the World Cup.

The game that has ‘consumed’ the most data, until today, was the confrontation between Mexico and Brazil. At its peak, Akamai recorded 4.59 Tbps per second. Previously, the first place was occupied by the meeting between the German and Portuguese teams. This match recorded a peak of 4.3 Tbps. Colombia’s match against Greece reached 1.7 Tbps.

via Mundial 2014: data consumption.

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