Dangerous malware impersonates apps of seven banks in A ...

Dangerous malware impersonates apps of seven banks in A …

November 22, 2019

An Android user opens his bank app. If the Ginp malware has crept onto your mobile, it will detect this movement and will superimpose a screen traced to the bank’s on top of the legitimate app, but obviously with a different purpose. It will first ask for the credentials to access and then the card, with its expiration date and the CVV number. The user will believe that he is using the bank’s app, but he will be giving his information to the thieves.

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The attack is surprisingly sophisticated for what is common in Spanish banks. «The phishing page of the phishing is practically identical to the original one. Someone has taken the time to copy it as is, “explains Santiago Palomares, a malware analyst at Threatfabric, a Dutch startup specializing in banking Trojans that has analyzed the Ginp code.

So much care in copying the page is rare on Android mobiles and exceptional in malware targeting Spanish banks: “No other malware for Spanish companies looked so much like a legitimate bank. The most common was to create a standard page and change only the logo and color. But Ginp does not: it even emulates a specific loading page that Bankia has, for example, even with the loading times of those applications “, adds Palomares. The seven affected banks are Caixabank, Bankinter, Bankia, BBVA, EVO Banco, Kutxabank and Santander.

Malicious actors have two ways to steal: one, use the card. Two, make a transfer. If the confirmation code arrives by SMS, the same malicious app can resend it. “By infecting the phone, you have access to SMS, so if you get the credentials and card details, it means that you can carry out transactions in almost any business,” says Palomares.

How to detect that a mobile is infected?

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