Cybercriminals Create Hoaxes Using Double Checks

Cybercriminals Create Hoaxes Using Double Checks

November 14, 2014

Being one of the most used mobile applications today, the news related to WhatsApp causes a reaction among its millions of users. Faced with the launch of the double blue check that allows to know if a message has been read, many users of the application wanted to find a way to deactivate this reading confirmation. Due to this interest generated, in recent days several messages have appeared on social networks that claim to offer this possibility, attaching a link where the instructions are supposed to be found, as seen in the following image:

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In case of entering the link, the user is directed to a website that will ask for his cell phone number to receive a download code and be able to continue to the content sought. This type of deception only seeks to profit at the expense of users without much knowledge, offering information that can be obtained for free.

“As users, it should be borne in mind that in the same way that they are interested in this news, there can always be someone who tries to take advantage of the misinformation. That is why they must be alert and not fall into traps like the one we have just commented, ”said Pablo Ramos, IT security specialist at ESET Latin America.

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