Creation of malware in the world breaks records with 160 ...

Creation of malware in the world breaks records with 160 …

June 2, 2014

Panda-Ranking + InfectedQ12014Panda Security, The Cloud Security Company, announced the latest data from PandaLabs Quarterly Report corresponding to the first three months of the year. Among the main conclusions of this study, the fact that malware creation again broke records during this period, with more than 15 million new copies generated, Y more than 160,000 new samples per day.

In this context, Trojans continue to be the most abundant newly created malware, hoarding 71.85% of the new samples created in the quarter. Likewise, also Trojan infections are again the most numerous in the period analyzed, starring until 79.90% of the cases.

Panda-TypeMalwareQ12014On the other hand, in the world of mobility the increase in attacks in Android environments continues, this time related to the subscription to SMS Premium services, both through Google Play and through Facebook ads using the popular WhatsApp messaging application as a claim.

In this context, social media remains a permanent claim for cybercriminals. As an example, the Syrian Electronic Army group compromised Twitter and Facebook accounts, and tried to gain control of the domain in an attack that was stopped in time by MarkMonitor.

“During the first months of 2014, the levels of cybercrime continued to increase. In fact, we witnessed some of the biggest thefts of information since the creation of the Internet, with millions of citizens affected, ”he says. Luis Corrons, Technical Director of PandaLabs at Panda Security. Cryptolocker, when referring to the harmful ransomware that encrypts the files of infected computers and demands a ransom to access them, which has continued to claim victims.

Trojans, the most widely used malware

Panda-NewMalwwareQ12014So far in 2014, Trojans continue to be the type of malware most used by cybercriminals when it comes to infecting users. According to data from PandaLabs, four out of five users suffer from Trojan infections worldwide, reaching this parameter up to 79.70% of the total. Viruses rank second, with 6.71% of infections, followed by worms, with a ratio of 6.06%.

Trojans, the most commonly generated malware

Trojans are also protagonists in the ranking of newly created malware, with 71.85%; of the cases followed by worms, with 12.25%; and of viruses, with 10.45%.

Infections by country

Geographically, during this first quarter of 2014, the global infection rate was 32.77%. Regarding the data from the different countries, China continues to occupy the first position, with an index of 52.36%, followed by Turkey (43.59%) and Peru (42.14%).

On the side of the least infected countries are Europeans. Among the safest are Sweden (21.03%), Norway (21.14%), Germany (24.18%) and Japan, which, with 24.21%, is the only non-European country in the top ten from this list. This segment also includes Venezuela, which is below the world average, with a ratio of 30.11%

The full report is available here

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