Create silk screws to heal fractures

Create silk screws to heal fractures

March 10, 2014

Create silk screws to heal fracturesSilk has long been used for sutures. More recently it has begun to be used in medical implants, and this group of experts had already used it to create surgical sponges, fibers and foam.

But until now, silk has not been used to create solid medical material, such as is needed in fracture fixation.

Metals that are commonly used have the disadvantage that they can stress the bone, pose a risk of infection, or even cause a fracture during the healing process, which involves subjecting the patient to a second operation.

On the other hand, silk, in addition to having a structure more similar to bone, is reabsorbed in the body and (perhaps most importantly according to experts) it can be given antibiotics that serve to prevent infection.

via Diario La Verdad – They create silk screws to heal fractures.

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