Cool and free games to enjoy on your nav …

February 10, 2015

In a world full of routines, long working hours and endless and boring days, a good dose of free games that you can enjoy immediately and regardless of whether you have a computer of the most basic, is the best you can find to liven up your day. .

HRMageddon. Impressive strategy game in which you will live the ruthless fight to take control of the office. Choose your employees from the office and kill your colleagues from other departments. You also have a multiplayer version where you can challenge other users. HRMageddon (“HR” referring to human resources in English), is a turn-based strategy game where we must conquer cubicles of our office colleagues.

Wormfood. Everyone knows that the Amazon hides many secrets, but one of the most terrifying is the giant worm. The local tribes are puzzled, as every time the monster is hungry it goes to its village and eats everything in its path. In the game you are the worm and that is exactly your mission, have fun eating everything and accumulating points in Wormfood.

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