Controversy in Italy over the use of Gmail at university ...

Controversy in Italy over the use of Gmail at university …

August 15, 2014

The economic crisis has hit especially the Mediterranean European countries, one of the victims being Italy. Budget cuts in education have forced some Italian universities to use Gmail as a free email alternative. This has sparked controversy among teachers.

The most recent Italian educational center to join Gmail for free has been the University of Turin, a prestigious institution from which three Nobel Prizes have emerged. The revelations of Edward Snowden have generated great distrust towards North American companies, and that the mail of researchers, professors and students of the Italian university is managed by a company of the nature of Google, has caused complaints to the point of reaching the Italian Senate .

The parliamentary interpellation argued that the management of the email service by third parties could be a threat to the privacy of communications between investigators, and that through the analysis of the messages, the network of contacts and relationships could be rebuilt. among Italian teachers.

via Controversy in Italy for the use of Gmail in universities with few resources.

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