Control your data consumption on Android with MyDataMa ...

Control your data consumption on Android with MyDataMa …

July 21, 2014

This small app for Android weighs little, does not consume many resources and allows you to manage your data consumption easily and visually.

The first thing to configure to take advantage of MyDataManager is your periodic plan. Whether you have a prepaid plan or simply a budget that you do not want to exceed, you only need to set a maximum monthly consumption limit.

This cap can be set separately for regular data and data consumed while roaming which, as we know, is a financial ruin.

By doing this, you can also set your payment cycle, for example, indicate the monthly cut-off date and set alarms to warn you when you are close to consuming all of your data plan. Alarms can also be set for ordinary data, roaming and WI-Fi consumption limits.

via Control your data consumption with MyDataManager.

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