Consumers would do "anything" over Wi-Fi g ...

Consumers would do “anything” over Wi-Fi g …

October 6, 2014

New research from F-Secure on Wi-Fi networks, conducted on the streets of London, showed that consumers use public Wi-Fi without taking

precautions, thereby compromising your personal privacy. In the experiment, which involved the creation of an “infected” access point, unsuspecting users exposed their data, the contents of their emails and even accepted an exaggerated clause that forced them to give up their first child in exchange for the use of Wi-Fi. -Fi.

WifiResearchers installed the device in London’s political and business districts. They then observed how people went online regardless of whether their internet activity was spied on.

In a period of thirty minutes, 250 devices connected to the access point. The researchers entered a Terms and Conditions (T&C) page that needed to be accepted in order to use the access point. The T & Cs included an extravagant clause that forced the user to give up their first child or their most loved pet in exchange for the use of the public Wi-Fi network. In total, six people accepted the T & Cs before the page was disabled. The clause demonstrates the general lack of attention of people to pay the T&C of the pages, which are often long to read and difficult to understand.

via F-Secure Research Shows Consumers Would Do Anything For Free Wi-Fi | TI newspaper.

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