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Consequences of 30 minutes without Google

September 17, 2017

Most of us don’t want to imagine it. And if we do, we only visualize panic and anger. Something never seen. As Google addicts, dropping Google for just half an hour could do that, at the very least. We would enter into a situation of unimaginable nervousness. But would it be a normal reaction? What does Google give us that nobody is capable of? What would really happen if the most popular search engine on the planet crashed for 30 minutes?

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Millions of people use Google every day. The traffic that the search engine has exceeds what is imaginable. We consult Google for everything. If we have a cold, we go to the doctor Google. If we want to know the benefits of carrots, Google. If we want to know what has been written about a topic or news, Google. Our routine, our life is linked to the seeker in a certain way. We always expect him to solve our doubts, to find the solution we are looking for. Most of the time it does and it is very rare that the service does not work properly.

However, placing ourselves in this hypothetical scenario, what would be the consequences? What would actually happen? The answers come from Google’s own software engineer, Ashish Kedia, who has compiled a list of consequences.

1.-STUPEFACTION: «During the first few minutes, people would check their internet connection. Some would call their service provider. Others would even check their hardware for failures, something much more feasible (than the fall of Google) ». Come on, our first reaction would never be to think that Google has crashed, we would think that the failure is the fault of our network or our devices.

2.-REACTIONS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS AND ANGER: After several minutes, «yes we would realize that it is true. There would be a moment of disbelief. People would desperately try to update Google’s home page over and over again. ‘ After those minutes of astonishment, surprise and anger would arrive – of course! – Users all over the world would start taking screenshots of the Google error page and Facebook walls would be filled with phrases like ‘ Oh my God, I can’t believe it! ‘, Accompanied by the images of the error.

3.-DROP IN PRODUCTIVITY: Beyond this, there would be a sharp drop in productivity around the world. Many users use applications or services owned by the search engine, such as Gmail. “I can’t even imagine the loss of revenue not just for Google, but for all the companies in the world that use Google.”

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