Conatel will collaborate in the creation of the emerg ...

Conatel will collaborate in the creation of the emerg …

October 16, 2014

The National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) collaborates with the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace in the creation of the Sima project (Integrated Monitoring and Assistance System), providing technical support, advice and guidance on the proper use of the technologies used for this initiative.

The objective of the project is to design and build a national emergency and citizen security network, based on the development and deployment of equipment and integrated security technology systems, for the effective management of emergency situations.

The initiative is consolidated into a unified and standardized platform for the attention and dispatch of alarms, through interconnections and coordination between the different State security agencies.

The meetings have been taking place a year ago, when the Ministry launched the project and verified that the technical solution to implement this system required technical support from the Commission.

Sima is based on the installation of a wireless telecommunications network that requires the use of the radioelectric spectrum, and the installation of at least 30 thousand surveillance cameras throughout the country is supported by a voice and data communications network, which allows the interoperability of all geographic areas.

Although Sima started as a pilot plan in various specific points of Greater Caracas, the next objective is to expand it to other states in the country. The Telecommunications Services Management Management is the instance that participates in the working groups that carry out the initiative.

Conatel’s participation is summarized in the following points:

  1. Recommendations for the choice of frequency bands and sustainability of wireless communication systems belonging to the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace.
  2. Assignment of the Special Service Code “911” as a National Emergency Number.
  3. Evaluation of Electromagnetic and Operational Compatibility between LTE Technology and other Telecommunications Services.
  4. Implementation of the “Massive early warning SMS” service.

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