Computers with Android would be transmitting all the t ...

Computers with Android would be transmitting all the t …

July 4, 2014

An important discovery has been brought to light by the Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF organization, noting that a device with an Android operating system permanently transmits data from our location history, allowing a nearby malicious hacker to intervene said transmission and find out where we have been with anteriority.

It all starts with the process of looking for known WiFi networks, those that we keep on our phone and that we want to remember to connect automatically in the future.

It happens that to achieve this, a relatively new computer with less than three years constantly sends messages through its WiFi antenna in search of these networks, in a permanent transmission of data to the outside world.

The problem is that these messages contain the information of our known WiFi networks, which the device seeks to permanently coincide with the networks of the outside world.

Thus, a malicious hacker could locate near us, intervene in these emissions and learn about the WiFi networks to which we have historically connected.

via Android devices would be transmitting your location history – Wayerless.

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