Computer-directed "smart" rifle to not ...

Computer-directed “smart” rifle to not …

January 17, 2014

TrackingPoint Rifle

The latest in weaponry would be about to reach the US Army at the hands of a start-up that claims to have sold it some very peculiar precision weapons.

The firm is TrackingPoint, and maintains that the aforementioned army would have acquired six high precision ‘smart’ rifles that would have an on-board computer (Linux, for more details) that connected to a series of sensors, which would take into account the environmental conditions. of the moment, as well as the inclination, to determine which is the best shooting position.

In this way, soldiers would simply have to aim at the target and the system would tell them how they should position the weapon before pulling the trigger so as not to miss.

via The US Army would be testing ‘smart’ computer-controlled rifles.

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