Community of video game fans launches its ...

Community of video game fans launches its …

December 22, 2013

pacmanVideo game players are perhaps one of the communities most likely to create their own spaces on the Internet. They do it to talk about how to solve an advanced world puzzle of a certain title, about a new installment of a console, or simply to organize tournaments or festivals that celebrate their passion for playing.

Thinking about them, a team of Venezuelan entrepreneurs today is developing a new community that focuses on the Gamer economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. This is and its goal is to help people organize themselves to make smart video game purchases.

As is often the case with the launch of new titles, today Los keeps us in suspense with a countdown since it announced its imminent development at Gamexpo 2013, in Caracas. In just a few days the first version of this Startup will be released, which hopes to continuously incorporate collaborative functionalities for its members.

One of them is the exchange, in which Gamers can deliver a used game to the community, receive points and with them buy new games or other games that have gone through a quality certification process. «A gamer who frequently uses the exchange system can buy up to 4 times more games with the same budget. The logic behind this is that a purchased game stops being an expense and becomes a small asset that can later be used to pay for new games or other community members ”, says Aliett Marchi, one of the project’s entrepreneurs.

Gamers are also developing a collaborative organizing system for group purchases by city. Thus, individuals will be able to purchase games at wholesale or discounted prices. It will also have spaces for the creation of tournaments, forums and Gamers content that as an additional bonus will have a system of granting virtual coins that can be used to pay a percentage of the games.

“We are advancing at great speed, but we decided to tell what we are doing so that Gamers get involved and help us evolve with their feedback” adds Marchi, inviting the entire community to sign up on the website ( )

Los Gamers had a stand at Gamexpo 2013 from November 29 to December 1, in which they delivered POP material, held tournaments in which the prize was “Just Dance 2014” and raffled a Play Station 4 among their followers.

If you are a Gamer, you can find out everything on the social networks Facebook / LosGamersOficial and Twitter @LosGamersCom interact with us using the hashtag #SoyGamer.

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