Common household devices pose an amen ...

Common household devices pose an amen …

August 26, 2014

David Jacoby, a security analyst at Kaspersky Lab, has conducted an experimental investigation at his home to check its level of cybersecurity. By inspecting various devices, Jacoby found that, among others, a Smart TV, a NAS (network access server), a router and a Blu-ray player were vulnerable to a cyberattack. In his experiment, Jacoby found a total of 14 vulnerabilities in storage systems, a vulnerability in the Smart TV, and several hidden remote-controlled functions on the router.

The most serious vulnerabilities were found in storage systems. Some allow hackers to remotely execute system commands with extensive administrator privileges. The analyzed devices also had weak passwords, many of the configuration documents had the wrong permissions and very simple passwords. Specifically, the administrator password for one of the devices had only one digit. Another of the analyzed devices shared the complete configuration file with the encrypted passwords with anyone connected to the network.

via Is it possible to hack the home? by @GlobbTV.

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