Commercial supersonic travel could make a big ...

Commercial supersonic travel could make a big …

August 22, 2014

The golden days of old supersonic flights may be back thanks to the developments of Reaction Engines and their new jet engines. Something that would not only take us almost immediately to another continent but also to Earth orbit.

The more than 10 years of research carried out by the aeronautical firm would allow the creation of a new type of jet engines capable of cooling the air in a way that until now was not known. In fact, the same system is applied in nuclear power plants, reaching a weight of about 200 tons, while in that of engines it only reaches 1.5 tons.

However, Reaction Engines’ efforts are focused on space travel. For them it is more interesting to be able to develop a spacecraft capable of taking off from a runway, reaching a low orbit, deploying a satellite and returning to earth to take off the next day. And they already have a prototype of this ship, called Skylon Something similar to what Elon Musk has developed with his SpaceX. But the chance to relive the old golden days of the Concorde is still there.

via Commercial supersonic travel could make a comeback thanks to Reaction Engines.

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