Colombians export aeronautical model

Colombians export aeronautical model

May 14, 2014

KLM plane landingThe fact that nearly 25 million people land and take off each year at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, without the need for a third runway, has to do with efficient airspace management and optimization of flight approaches. aircraft to the terminal.

This is possible thanks to specialized software designed by the Italian company Ingegneria dei Sistemi, IDS, but adapted to the conditions of the country by the Colombian company Figurazione, the representative in the country of the European firm.

The technology has to do with the design of more direct routes that are managed by satellite and not by ground controllers, which allows straighter routes to be drawn and therefore saves flight time and fuel, a model that after adaptation to conditions in Colombia, it has been successfully implemented in Brazil and Venezuela.

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